WPS Salary Processing System

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Documents Required

Firms should submit following documents to their respective bank for WPS Salary transfer,

1) Salary Transfer Letter with Signed and Stamped by Authorized Signatory.
2) Soft copy of SIF file on CD
3) SIF file printout (signed and stamped)

Some banks require you to send the SIF file through Email in encrypted format instead of CD.

If you are submitting SIF file first time then some Banks may ask you to fill and submit the WPS registration form given by the bank.

Some banks provide facility to submit SIF file online on the Bank's online portel. 

SIF files must be in the correct format as per the Central Bank's requirements.

Documents should be submitted monthly while transfering the Salaries to Employees accounts.

Employees can have an account in any Bank in UAE or any money exchange or financial institue authorized by the Central Bank of UAE.

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